Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PAS leader breaks silence on secret meeting with Umno-MALAYSIAKINI

PAS Selangor commissioner Hasan Ali today broke his silence over the secret meeting he attended with former state menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo immediately after the March 8 general elections.


MarGeeMar said...

Even though mouth foaming Information Minister Shaberry Cheek vainly tried to downplay the Hudud issue by saying that it is only the opinion of one individual in PAS, we all know how much weight Tok Guru's words carry in PAS. What is obvious here is that Umno in its lust for power has now got itself caught between a rock and a hard place.

If Umno goes ahead and merges with PAS 'for the sake of race and religion', how is it going to face its non Muslim partners in BN? If it goes ahead with this unholy union with PAS, Pakatan Rakyat will probably benefit from a mass defection of BN component parties into PR.

PAS on its part, will remain with PR and Umno will be left alone in BN and lose its power and vanish over time as in the words of Tok Guru. If BN chooses not to merge with PAS, it will also vanish as PR is getting stronger by the day...More

Anonymous said...

Now, heres what i dont understand. If UMNO were really sincere, why dont they offer to merge with PAS in the states where they control! and give up the Mentri Besar-ship to PAS. Say in Johor, Negri, Trengganu , Melaka or Pahang?

Why does it have to be in states held by Pakatan? states like Perak and Selangor ??? Why? Why??? Why??? Why???

You can tell here its because they want to create a backdoor opening back into power, PAS should ask those UMNO dogs to join up first in those states and ask UMNO dogs to give them the Mentri Besar post and see what happens……those UMNO dogs will laugh in their faces!!!!!

they will never give up their own states, wake UP PAS!!!!!

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