Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anwar to be sworn in tomorrow

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia announced this morning that Anwar Ibrahim, the new member of parliament for Permatang Pauh, will be sworn in tomorrow.MORE

'Khairy, look who got buried!'
Rebecca Gaythri: After 51 years of independence, Umno's policies are still not up to today's standards. It's just a race-based party that only cares for one race.

God is watching everything you do. He will put a stop to it one day.
Your days are numbered - the cries of the people will be heard. God created everything equal, but you stole it all for yourself.In what condition would you like the Indians and Chinese to vote for BN? Under threat? Anwar has won and will bring good policies to suit Malaysians.

Peter Ooi:
Yesterday's by-election in Permatang Pauh (PP) will also be hailed as a Good-Bye Election! We hope Permatang Pauh will shout for the rest of Malaysia good-bye to

- racial policies and racist politics
- to the Malaysian hybrid of apartheid
- to unbridled greed and wanton corruption
- to a heavily sullied judiciary and police force
- to a one party system domination where scoundrels lurk and find refuge And say hello to a New Malaysia! Didn't I say this is a good bye-election ?

Kenny Gan: Anwar has won Permatang Pauh with a thumping majority of more than 15,000 despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him by the BN machinery and polling held on a working day.
This is a convincing victory which declares that all the races, Malays included, endorse PR's multi-racial politics to BN's divisive racial politics.If the BN government has any sense, it should heed the voice of the people and set about correcting its ways. But I fear that this message from the people will once again be ignored and Umno will continue to play on racial and religious sentiments.
Malaysian dream of a fair and accountable government.

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